Mystery Shopping – Distributors of roofing materials in Romania


Field: Building Materials, Roofing materials

Mystery Shopping – Distributors of roofing materials in Romania

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Roofing materials market becomes  every year  more and more competitive. Suppliers are becoming more numerous while customers increasingly demanding. In these circumstances, the commercial performance of the distribution network is crucial for the whole performance of a producer or importer of roofing systems.

How this research supports your business?

  • See how your dealers respond to clients’ requests for an offer versus competitors’ delers
  • See if your distributors’ answers and recommendations coincide with your recommendations
  • See if your distributors are recommending your products to potential customers or competitors’ products
  • See how your products are presented to end-users by your distributors
  • See if the dealer informs correctly the customer about the technical parameters of your products
  • You see what goes wrong during the sales procedures
  • Increase sales through better conversion of potential customers into effective customers
  • Cost advantage due multiclient concept (it saves about 80% compared to an individual mystery shopping study).

What information can you learn from this report?

Assess the process of identifying potential suppliers by a potential buyer of roofing materials:

  • How easily a client can find a distributor of roofing materials on the internet?
  • Can a typical client send a request online?
  • Do the client receive a response to a request submitted online in a timely manner?

How do the dealers / distributors react when a potential client calls for a quote? Assess the ease of communication with the dealers

  • Can a client get in touch easily with a distributor?
  • Can a  client discuss with your dealer at the first phone-call? How many callbacks / forwarding is needed for a detailed discussion?

What is genuinely the influence of the dealer in clients’ buying decision ?

  • Is the distributor polite to a potential buyer?
  • Is the dealer giving the client the most appropriate buying advice?
  • Is the dealer recommending  a certain type of roofing?
  • Does the dealers explain the differences between various types of roofing?
  • If the dealer sells several brands, does it recommend a specific brand?
  • How punctual is the dealer in submitting an offer to the client?

Assess the content of the offers submitted by the dealers 

  • Do the dealers provide relevant technical information about roofing  materials to potential clients?
  • Are the prices presented detailed for each component?
  • Do the dealers detail commercial conditions / facilities provided? Did they mention the promotions or special offers?
  • How many dealers offer free-installation and warranty for works?
  • Is the dealer is willing to work “without invoice” or commercial documents?
  • Do the dealers call for follow-up after submitting a quote?

For maximum impact of information, we have prepared for you and an intensive training package that includes:

  • Effective presentation of the study results
  • Examples of good / bad practices in the commercial behavior of dealers
  • Detailed recommendations on the marketing policy adjustment
  • Our suggestions (customised) in relation to your company
  • All of this presented professionally at your company headquarters (or another location of your choice)

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