Biofuels market in Romania – 2015


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Biofuels market in Romania – 2015

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According to European legislation, States Member must ensure that renewable energy represents 10% of energy consumption in the transport sector, up to 2020. In the text of European directives, mentions that first-generation biofuels, respectively those from agricultural crops, should not exceed 6% of final consumption of energy from the transportation sector, up to 2020, unlike the target of 10% from existing legislation.

At present, biodiesel requirements on the Romanian market are approximately 200,000 tons per year, while the demand for bioethanol exceeds 50,000 tons per year.

Content of the study conducted by Neomar Consulting:

  • Estimated biofuels market size:
    • Total consumption of biodiesel in EU – quantitative (2008 – 2014)
    • Estimated total demand (market size) for biodiesel / bioethanol (2008 – 2014) nationwide – quantitative (2008 – 2013)
    • Market segmentation by type of product (if any data is available)
    • Market segmentation by origin (local production / imports)
    • Analysis of biodiesel production in EU
    • The production capacities for biodiesel in EU, by country
    • The trade balance for EU biodiesel, by country
    • Summary of demand and supply of biodiesel In Romania
  • Foreign trade and price analysis
    • Analysis of imports depending on quantity and value 2008-2014 (broken down by countries of origin);
    • Analysis of average import / export prices broken down by countries of origin / destination
  • Local producers – short profile
    • Information about company (full name and address, the date when was founded);
    • Financial and economic information 2008-2013: turnover, profit, the profit rate, number of employees
    • Production capacity
    • Estimated volume of sales -2010 – 2014 – quantitatively and value
    • The types of crops used for the production of biodiesel (in the case of producers)
    • Other relevant information
  • Market trends and forecasts
    • Identification and a briefly analyze for main players in the market (2008-2014) and forecast for 2015-2017
    • Medium-term forecast – the estimated size of the market – 2015 – 2017


1. Overview of fuels consumption in the EU
1.1. Total DIESEL consumption in the EU, by country
2.1. Total GASOLINE consumption in the EU, by country

2. Biofuels market in EU countries
2.1. Evolution of BIODIESEL production in the EU, by country
2.2. Evolution of BIOETHANOL production in the EU, by country
2.3. BIODIESEL and BIOETHANOL demand in EU countries
2.4. BIODIESEL and BIOETHANOL production capacities in EU countries

3. Analysis of the biofuels market in Romania
3.1. Diesel and gasoline sales in Romania, by company
3.2. Biofuels foreign trade in Romania
3.3. Analysis of biofuels production in Romania
3.4. Romanian biofuels market size estimations and forecast
3.5. Brief notes on customers’ purchasing patterns and on prices in the biofuels market in Romania
3.6. Overview of technical crops production in Romania (raw materials for biofuels)

4. SWOT Analysis of the biofuels market in Romania

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Note: Due to the confidentiality agreement between Neomar Consulting and the client of the research, the content of this report cannot be transmitted to another legal or natural person. The presentation of this report aims to illustrate the expertise and know-how accumulated by Neomar Consulting in this field and the information we can collect on this industry.

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