Analysis of the PVC profile system market in Romania – 2023


Field: Thermal insulation materials

Analysis of the PVC profile system market in Romania – 2023

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For a better understanding of the Romanian market size for PVC profile systems (intended for the thermal insulation joinery market), Neomar Consulting conducted a market study in Romania from October to December 2023, reaching its 5th edition.

Segments/categories analyzed:

    • Product: PVC profiles for thermal insulation joinery
    • Geographic market: Romania

Main information described in the report
(the report is available only in English, but can be translated upon request):

The report provides information about the size and segmentation of the market for the studied segments.

    • Estimation of the total market size in Romania (volume and value)
    • Market segmentation based on specific industry criteria
    • Estimation of market shares of key competitors within the segment
    • Identification of trends observed in this market over the past 3 years
    • Total value of imports/exports (by country and by product categories)
    • Identification and information about key competitors
    • Identification of key market influencers
    • Market forecast for the medium and long term (2023-2030)

Table of contents:

1. Analysis of PVC window & door profile systems market

1.1.        PVC profiles market size

1.2.        Market shares of main competitors in the PVC profiles market

1.2.1.    Estimated volume shares of main competitors by constructive width/ depth (mm)

1.2.2.    Estimated volume shares of main competitors by heat transfer coefficient (Uf)

1.3.        PVC profiles market – segmentation by width (depth)

1.4.        PVC profiles market – segmentation by thickness of exterior wall (class)

1.5.        PVC profiles market – segmentation by heat transfer coefficient (Uf)

1.6.        PVC profiles market – segmentation by color

1.7.        PVC profiles market – segmentation by origin of products

1.7.1.    Analysis of import statistics for PVC profiles

1.7.2.    Analysis of export statistics for PVC profiles

1.8.        Trends, specific market drivers and other insights

1.9.        Evolution and forecast of PVC profile production & PVC insulating joinery production in Romania

2. Forecast of Romanian construction industry

2.1.        Construction sector

2.2.        Evolution of the thermal insulating joinery split between new residences and renovations

Annex 1: Key financial indicators of the main players in the Romanian PVC profiles market (used in the insulating joinery production)

Annex 2: Relevant data from the 2021 Census in Romania, published in December 2023

Annex 3: Relevant constructions statistics

Residential segment

Non-residential segment

Annex 4. National Bank of Romania report on financial stability and the real estate sector in Romania (December 2023)

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