Analysis of the construction sector in Romania and medium term forecast 2014-2015


Field: Construction Industry

Analysis of the construction sector in Romania and medium term forecast 2014-2015

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reports_img_104A 360 degrees analysys of the construction industry in Romania which aims to reflect accurately the main changes registered by this sector in recent years. The latest edition of this report examines the evolution of the construction market in Romania, fully covering its main components: residential construction (new buildings and renovations), non-residential and engineering (infrastructure and other stated funded works)

The research provides a fully documented medium term forecast.

The forecast for residential sector is made based on the evolution of the main influencing factors and current market conditions. Also, medium term prospects are presented on the non-residential sectors and civil engineering (infrastructure).

In addition the report includes additional information on the evolution of main building materials markets in Romania and an overview of the competitive environment as regards the financial results for main construction companies.

The study answer the major questions concerning the construction market:

  • Which was the evolution of the Romanian economy and construction sector compared to other EU countries?
  • What are the major market developments in 2013 compared to 2012? 
  • Which is the expected evolution of public investment in the construction sector in 2014-2015? 
  • How many new homes are needed and will be built by 2015? 
  • Which was the evolution of the  non-residential construction sector in recent years? Which are its perspectives by 2015 ? 
  • Which is a realistic scenario regarding Romania’s investments in infrastructure development ? 
  • Which are the major 100 companies in the construction sector ?  

Information is logically structured and easy to read. The report contains 120 pages structured as follows:

  1. Analysis of the main macro-economic indicators compared to EU member states .
  2. Analysis of the construction market in Romania
  3. Analysis of main statistical indicators (building permits, completed buildings, geographical segmentation , etc. )
  4. Residential construction – trends, driving factors, forecast
  5. Non-residential buildings (office, industrial , retail, DIY retail, others)
  6. Public investment in construction works (road, rail, maritime , water management)
  7. Centralized forecast for construction market in Romania (2014-2015)
  8. Analysis of the main construction materials markets in Romania (cement, AAC, ceramic, roofing)
  9. Financial analysis of top 100 major construction companies in Romania

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