Analysis of Romanian PVC windows and doors market


Field: Building Materials, Thermal insulation materials

Analysis of Romanian PVC windows and doors market

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If you wonder which are the prospects for PVC windows market for 2010-2012 will can provide the answer. Inform yourself and choose the best strategy, minimizing the influences of economic crisis on your company. This research offers qualified answers, collected through scientific methodologies, to the most important questions of the moment: 1. How will the market evolve in 2010? What was the real impact of economic crisis on this industry in 2009? 2. Which market segment presents the highest potential for 2009-2010? We offer precise information about the endowment of households with modern doors and windows: how many homes are not endowed, partially equipped, all equipped – statistics available on a national scale and regional splits. 3. Which are the customers segments you need to focus? We offer a split of social categories by their buying intentions. Thus you may address each group of customers with a customized offer in terms of quality and price depending on their specific requirements and characteristics. 4. Is the urban segment more important than rural clients? Which are the differences between urban and rural in terms of future acquisitions of doors and windows? We offer a detailed analysis of potential clients stratification by residential area and type of locality (village, small town, medium, large cities) 5. Which are the regions with the highest potential for acquisition of the joinery? We provide you with statistics regarding the average number of modern windows per home nationwide and broken down by area of residence and geographical regions 6. How is my company positioned towards its competition in terms of price? 7. Which are the discounts and sales policies of the most important competitors? You have answers to the questions above through a comprehensive study conducted by Neomar Consulting.

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Our research will help you to:

  • Set realistic goals for your company;
  • Adjust the marketing and sales policy according to the latest market developments;
  • Focus the marketing and sales activities towards the relevant potential clients;
  • Limit the expenses that do not generate income and avoid ineffective actions

Remember this: in a shifting and turbulent economic environment only companies able to adapt quickly to the new conditions will have an economic advantage. We can assist you with information!

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Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. You shall find there all the necessarry information, including detailed contact, prices and ordering information. For further details, please contact us! The study is delivered by email. Delivery takes is about 2-3 days from the receipt of order and payment confirmation. [email-download download_id=”5233″ contact_form_id=”5096″] (the study and its brochure are available only in Romanian language; please contact us to have it translated in your language)

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