Analysis of Romanian masonry materials market – 2014

Field: Masonry materials

Analysis of Romanian masonry materials market – 2014

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reports_img_88A very competitive market – now with updated statistics on 2013. Neomar Consulting has updated its last year study in order to provide relevant information to existing market players.

Who should read this study?

  • Manufacturers and importers of ceramic bricks and AAC
  • Other investors in the field of masonry and construction materials

Contents of the study:

  • Market size by quantity and value 2006-2013;
  • Estimated market shares of major competitors – 20062013;
  • Market segmentation by type – 20062013;
  • Average price of masonry materials – 2006-2013;
  • Sales by region – 2006-2013 – by quantity;
  • Competition datasheets – economic and financial information regarding top competitors in this industry.  Companies mentioned and analysed individually in the report:
    • Macon SRL,
    • Prefab SA,
    • Celco SA,
    • Elpreco SA,
    • Prefabricate Vest SA,
    • Soceram SA,
    • Xella Ro SRL,
    • Wienerberger Sisteme de Caramizi SRL,
    • Ceramica SA,
    • Siceram SA,
    • Cemacon SA,
    • Europoroton SA

Unique benefits of this analysis:

  • A complete overview of masonry materials market;
  • A better estimate of the market trends and market potential
  • Helps you understand the impact of economic crisis on sales of masonry materials
  • Helps you setting realistic goals for the following period
  • Adjust your marketing and sales strategy according to the market situation;

 All information in one document, quickly accessible.

The study is easy to read. Information is presented in synthetic form as charts and tables, allowing a quick reading. The report is available only in English language.

How can I order the report?

Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. You shall find there all the necessary information, including detailed contact, prices and ordering information. For further details, please contact us! [email-download download_id=”5330″ contact_form_id=”5096″] (Please note that due to various confidentiality agreements signed, Neomar Consulting reserves the right to select its clients for this market research)

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