In 2020 we continued the collaboration with Knauf Insulation Romania, one of the main suppliers of construction materials in Europe, with the mission to conduct a new Customer Satisfaction Survey, but with Direct and Indirect Customers, from B2B segment.

The method used to collect information, in a structured manner, regarding all aspects of the collaboration was to interview customers by phone. The discussion was based on questionnaires specially adapted for the two categories of respondents.

We highlight 5 immediate benefit that results from receiving the feedback of business partners:

  1. Better management – Identify sources of dissatisfaction in advance.
  2. Added value towards the brand – Customers become more understanding when they perceive that there exist goodwill and concern for a favorable solution.
  3. Bigger and more “comfortable” sales (loyal customers pay more for the same products)
  4. Source of ideas for product and service development.
  5. A Customer Satisfaction Survey closes the feedback loop specific to any AQ system

Contact us to discuss the implementation of such a project! We guarantee that it will be at least an interesting experience!